Let's Curb the spread of Corona Virus... Covid-19
Let's Curb the spread of Corona Virus... Covid-19

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Maruatona Training and Skills Development Institute employs various personel from different backgrounds and as a community oriented institute allows employment of the uneducated, un-skilled workers to include to its employment base so as to empower the disadvantaged in educating themselves. The majority of the employees are from a disadvantaged background. This is a strategy to create skills development, fight unemployment and create sustainable development in South Africa as a country and the whole of Africa. We are dedicated to see our community changing through infrastructure development as well as personal development of our stakeholders.

We distinguish ourselves from the competitors by delivering prompt and accurate service to our customers in the most professional, efficient and reliable manner. We give our customers the assurance that we will be there when they need us. We are able to be in touch with learners 24 hours a day for all academic activities through our online help.