Let's Curb the spread of Corona Virus... Covid-19
Let's Curb the spread of Corona Virus... Covid-19
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We distinguish ourselves from the competitors by delivering prompt and accurate service to our customers in the most professional, efficient and reliable manner. We give our customers the assurance that we will be there when they need us. We are able to be in touch with learners 24 hours a day for all academic activities through our online help.

Higher Ed Services is an integral part of the South Africa higher education sector. We work for the benefit of and to strengthen the higher education sector by building capacity, professionalism and quality in both business practices and the education of South Africa.

As a profit company owned by individuals in South Africa, our mission is to provide support and leadership services that deliver cost-effective, high quality outcomes without compromise of any professional ethics.

Through our collaborative networks we leverage considerable economies of scale and drive good practice in the core business areas of finance, human resources, procurement, student services, technology management and quality in learning and teaching.

• Driving communities of practice to share best practice and knowledge
• Providing program management services to facilitate complex sector initiatives
• Enabling scale efficiencies
• Providing sound business and commercial advice

Maruatona Training and Skills Development Institute is governed by a Board of Directors who have a wealth of experience in South African higher education and who provide a considerable knowledge base on which to draw.